SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Today, all four DNC members from Utah announced their support of Adam Parkhomenko for DNC Vice Chair.

The members include Utah Democratic Party Chair Peter Corroon, Utah Democratic Party Vice Chair Breanne Miller, DNC member Charles Stormont, and DNC member Jenny Wilson. Two of these members supported Senator Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary and two supported Secretary Clinton.

“We aren’t taking a leap of faith with this endorsement,” the four DNC members said in a joint statement. “We know that Adam will work to strengthen state parties because he has already done so. We know Adam will make our Party vibrant in all 50 states, DC, the territories, and abroad, because he provided support to us in Utah when others would not. We know Adam will unite the Democratic Party, because he actively brought Hillary and Bernie supporters together after the primary. There is simply no better candidate for DNC Vice Chair.”

As Director of Grassroots Engagement for Hillary for America, Parkhomenko spearheaded the effort to build early infrastructure in all states outside the first four primary contests. During his time as Field Director of the DNC, he worked closely with state parties in “expansion states,” including Utah, to take advantage of political opportunities beyond the traditional battleground states. Parkhomenko also helped recruit and launch the Utah Victory Leaders Council, the second council of its kind to launch across the country.

Ten state Party chairs have now endorsed Parkhomenko. They are: Vincent Insalaco (Arkansas), Anita Bonds (District of Columbia), DuBose Porter (Georgia), Gus Bickford (Massachusetts), Bruce Poole (Maryland), Ken Martin (Minnesota), Stephen Webber (Missouri), Jim Larson (Montana), Peter Corroon (Utah), and Susan Swecker (Virginia).

Parkhomenko also earned the support of three former DNC chairs: Don Fowler (a South Carolina DNC member), Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and former Gov. Ed Rendell. Two members of the New York DNC delegation, Maria Cuomo Cole and Robert Zimmerman, announced their support of Adam this past Saturday.