ARLINGTON, VA – Today, the Adam for DNC campaign announced the support of New York Democratic Party Vice Chair Christine Quinn. Quinn joins three members of the New York delegation who have publicly stated their support for Parkhomenko. Previously announced endorsements include DNC members Maria Cuomo Cole, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, and Robert Zimmerman. 

A former New York City Council Speaker, Quinn is CEO of the non-profit group Women in Need, which helps homeless women and children.

“During my many conversations with Adam, I have been continuously impressed by his commitment to a stronger and more inclusive DNC,” said Quinn. “He will immediately roll up his sleeves and work to strengthen our Party. Specifically, he will be a partner at the DNC for Democrats in all 50 states, DC, the territories, and abroad, making sure that Democrats everywhere have the support and resources they need to succeed.”

Continued Quinn, “Adam believes in a bottom-up approach to politics that empowers people at the local level – particularly young people, whose support is so critical to the future success of our Party. He is a Party-builder who has inspired thousands of Americans to join causes bigger than themselves.”

Parkhomenko now has the support of eight vice chairs: Evangeline M Beechler (Idaho), Neville Blakemore (Kentucky), Peggy Schaffer (Maine), Debra Kozikowski (Massachusetts), Quinn, Janet King (Northern Mariana Islands), Breanne Miller (Utah), and Fred W. Hudson (Virginia).

Eleven state Party chairs have also publicly endorsed Parkhomenko. They are: Alexis Tameron (Arizona), Vincent Insalaco (Arkansas), Anita Bonds (District of Columbia), DuBose Porter (Georgia), Gus Bickford (Massachusetts), Bruce Poole (Maryland), Ken Martin (Minnesota), Stephen Webber (Missouri), Jim Larson (Montana), Peter Corroon (Utah), and Susan Swecker (Virginia).

Yesterday, 15 additional DNC members endorsed Parkhomenko’s campaign: Dustin McDaniel (Arkansas), Michael Kapp (California), Andrew Lachman (California), Sandra Lowe (California), Tony Coelho (Delaware), Karen Valentine (Delaware), Maria Cardona (District of Columbia), Carol Ronen (Illinois), Diane Denk (Maine), Schaffer, Carol Pensky (Maryland), Elaine Kamarck (Massachusetts), Jorge Quintana (Montana), Betty McElderry (Oklahoma), and Clay Middleton (South Carolina).

Parkhomenko has also earned the support of three former DNC chairs: Don Fowler (a South Carolina DNC member), Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and former Gov. Ed Rendell, as well as all four members of the Utah DNC delegation: Corroon, Miller, Charles Stormont, and Jenny Wilson.