ARLINGTON, VA – Today, the Adam for DNC campaign announced the support of Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron.

Tameron becomes the eleventh state Party chair to publicly endorse Parkhomenko, joining Vincent Insalaco (Arkansas), Anita Bonds (District of Columbia), DuBose Porter (Georgia), Gus Bickford (Massachusetts), Bruce Poole (Maryland), Ken Martin (Minnesota), Stephen Webber (Missouri), Jim Larson (Montana), Peter Corroon (Utah), and Susan Swecker (Virginia).

Parkhomenko also has the public support of six vice chairs: Evangeline M Beechler (Idaho), Neville Blakemore (Kentucky), Debra Kozikowski (Massachusetts), Janet King (Northern Mariana Islands), Breanne Miller (Utah), and Fred W. Hudson (Virginia).

He previously earned the public support of three former DNC chairs: Don Fowler (a South Carolina DNC member), Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and former Gov. Ed Rendell, as well as all four members of the Utah DNC delegation: Peter Corroon, Breanne Miller, Charles Stormont, and Jenny Wilson, and three members of the New York delegation: Maria Cuomo Cole, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, and Robert Zimmerman.